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Currency & Travel
Q. Can I bring my own alcohol on-board?

We have no problem with guests purchasing alcohol for consumption in their rooms. However, we do ask that personal drinks are not consumed in the communal areas of the ships.

Q. Can I exchange currency on-board?

The ship’s reception stocks a small amount of exchangeable local currency for each country your cruise visits. However, it is widely accepted that most European destinations Emerald Cruises visit will accept euros (€), even if the local currency differs.

Q. Can I order a gift to be placed in the cabin?

Yes, please contact our call centre on the number provided and they will be able to assist you.

Q. Can I order refreshments to the cabin?

For guests in our Owner’s One Bedroom Suite and our Grand Balcony Suite, continental breakfast, pre-dinner canapes and after-dinner sweet treats are served in your suite.

Q. Can I use my mobile phone on the cruise?

Yes, but please be aware that signal may be limited as your cruise passes through the more rural areas. It’s also worth checking with your network provider for additional charges, dependent on the destination you’re visiting.

Q. How do I find my transfer information?

Transfer information will be provided in your pre-departure documents, which are usually dispatched 2-3 weeks prior to your cruise.

Q. Is porterage included?

Handling and porterage of your luggage (as per the luggage allowance) is included in your cruise.

Q. What time is embarkation?

Embarkation times differ with every itinerary, but you will be informed of the time you’re expected to arrive at the ship in your pre-departure documents. Furthermore, any flights and transfers will be arranged by Emerald Cruises to ensure you get to the ship on time for embarkation.

Q. What's the baggage policy?

Each guest is entitled to one piece of checked (hold) baggage, and its length, width and height must not exceed 160cm (62 inches) and the weight must not exceed 20kg (44lbs).

Additional baggage may be permitted but this will be at the cost of the guest. For more information, ask upon booking.

Q. Which currency do I need to take?


The on-board currency on all European Emerald Cruises Star-Ships is the Euro. The Emerald Harmony in Cambodia and Vietnam primarily accepts US Dollar and the MS Rossia in Russia accepts the Russian Ruble. A small ammount of exchangable currency for each destination is kept on-board



Whilst many locations will accept payment via major credit cards and ATM machines are  located in some port locations, it is advantageous to carry local currency for small purchases.



Here is the list of the currencies used in the countries visited by Emerald Cruises:


  • Belgium: Euro
  • Bulgaria: Bulgarian Lev
  • Austria: Euro
  • Cambodia: Cambodian Riel
  • Croatia: Croatian Kuna 
  • France: Euro
  • Germany: Euro
  • Hungary: Hungarian Forint
  • Netherlands: Euro
  • Portugal: Euro
  • Romania: Romanian Leu
  • Russia: Russian Ruble
  • Serbia: Serbian Dinar
  • Slovakia: Euro
  • Vietnam: Vietnamese Dong

If your question has not been fully answered, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.