10 Reasons to visit South-East Asia

10 Reasons to visit South-East Asia

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes,” wrote Marcel Proust. And if there’s one destination that benefits from open eyes and minds, it’s South-East Asia. Complex and often challenging, a visit to these tropical climes will enrich and intrigue, creating memories that will linger long after you have returned.
Here are 10 reasons to consider South-East Asia as your next holiday destination:

1. River cruising

South East Asia boasts two of the world’s great rivers, the Irrawaddy and the Mekong. Cruising these waterways allows complete immersion into the region, complexities of river life on display as your luxury ship sails by. Cruise with our award-winning sister company Emerald Waterways, on board Emerald Harmony, as she plies the lower stretches of the Mekong through Cambodia to the delta.
River cruising in South-East Asia

2. Diversity of cultures

South-East Asia is a splintered jigsaw of mainland and islands covering 4.5 million square kilometres and hosting 8.5 percent of the world’s population. This makes it one of the world’s most culturally diverse regions, a fascinating melting-pot of ethnicities and lifestyles.
South-East Asia is a diversity of cultures

3. Great food

No one can accuse South-East Asian food of being bland! Its geographic position has produced rice-and-spice based cuisines, with each country introducing their own tropical burst of flavour. From delicate French-influenced dishes of Vietnam, to the challenges of street food in Cambodia, your taste buds will be shouting with joy.
Sample the great street food in South-East Asia

4. A rich history

Humanity’s quest for enlightenment is beautifully illustrated throughout South East Asia, with the ancient temples of Angkor Wat particularly impressive. Equally intriguing is the region’s more recent history, with the Vietnam War and the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge leaving an indelible scar that cannot fail to move sensitive souls.
Discover the rich history of South-East Asia

5. Natural wonders

From dense jungles brimming with wildlife, to underwater treasures in pristine coral reefs, nature still reigns supreme in South East Asia, untamed and resilient. Each nation boasts regions of eye-popping beauty, from World Heritage-recognised Halong Bay in Vietnam, to deserted beaches of the Andaman Coast. Prepare to overload your Insta feed! 
Admire the natural wonders in South-East Asia

6. Divine spas

Embedded in the Buddhist religion, the wellness industry is an integral part of South East Asian culture, resulting in some of the best spas and most holistic treatments in the world. From cheerful street massages, to pampering full-body packages, you’ll return from South East Asia rejuvenated in body and soul.
Indulge in a divine spa in South-East Asia

7. Bustling cities

South East Asian cities are metropolises in fast-forward, expanding in leaps and bounds in a blur of neon. From the chaotic streets of Saigon, to the bold new frontier of Phnom Penh, these vibrant cities offer great shopping, excellent restaurants and a concentrated dose of culture.
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

8. Rural life

Rural communities are the backbone of South East Asia, retaining age-old traditions, farming practices and handicrafts. By visiting rural communities, travellers help to sustain this way of life, with a direct benefit to the villagers and enriched knowledge for the visitors.
Discover the local rural life in South-East Asia

9. Sublime hospitality

Attentive service has long been associated with South-East Asian hospitality, and this is translated on an Evergreen tour and Emerald Waterways cruise. From the moment you step on board, your every need is attended to, from cool towels and welcome drinks after shore excursions, to bespoke cocktails served by the pool. All-inclusive a la carte dining and buffets make meals a breeze, with dietary requirements all thoughtfully considered.
Experience sublime hospitality in South-East Asia

10. Friendly faces

Above and beyond everything, it’s the friendly people of South-East Asia that make visiting this exotic destination so memorable. Visitors are always greeted with a smile, with open doors and hearts symbolic of the region.
Witness the friendly faces in South-East Asia
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