6 Must-Reads Before You Visit the Canadian Rockies

To get a taste for what you'll be in for, here are six must-reads before you experience the Canadian Rockies for yourself.


The Garneau Block – Todd Babiak (2007)
Follow the knowledgeable citizens of the adored and hated city of Edmonton, Alberta (East of Jasper National Park), capturing local stories and what’s universal about modern life. Described as a “page-turning-good story”, this addictive and charming, laugh-out-loud novel will enchant readers.

Cougar’s Crossing: A Canadian Historical Novel of Pioneer Adventure – Lillian Ross (2005)
The real story of Frank (the Cougar) Wright tells of a loud, brash, irreverent pioneer. Cougar doesn’t believe in a power higher than his own strength, but he and his beloved family struggle to tame the Canada’s wilderness. This book is filled with romance, adventure, and even a ghost story, with a thread of mystery woven through its pages. 

Non-fiction / History

Romancing the Rockies: Mountaineers, Missionaries, Marilyn, and More – Brian Brennan (2005)
If you’re interested in the wilderness-seeking spirit, this book may appeal. Historian Brian Brennan introduces you to a cast including painters, botanists, missionaries and a meteorologist. This book covers 250 years of adventure and exploration of the Rockies.

This Wild Spirit: Women in the Rocky Mountains of Canada – Colleen Skidmore (2006)
Set in 1912, Mary Vaux, a botanist, glaciologist, painter, and photographer, wrote about her mountain adventures. She explores a sample of women’s creative responses to their experiences in the Rocky Mountains of Canada through fiction, poetry and travel writing, art and photography.

Old Indian Trails of the Canadian Rockies – Mary T. S. Schaffer (2011)
First published in 1911, this book tells of Schaffer’s adventures in the traditionally male-dominated world of climbing and exploration. It’s full of daring adventure and romantic depictions of camp life set against the grand backdrop of Canada’s mountain landscapes.

Coffee table book

The Many Faces of the Canadian Rockies – Frank A Szy (2016)
There’s nothing like the photos you take while you’re travelling and the stories that go with them. But if you can’t quite capture the grandeur of that incredible scenery, this coffee table book could be a great souvenir or gift for a friend.