7 Charming reasons to visit Amsterdam

The charismatic city of Amsterdam finds a place in most travel bucket lists. The postcard-worthy destination of picturesque canals, cafés and innovative galleries that showcase contemporary art and the works of world-renowned artists, like van Gogh and Rembrandt, is easily the most fun city to visit in the Netherlands. If you’re wondering about what to do in Amsterdam, we can tell you, once you start planning, your list of Amsterdam things to do will be never-ending. To get you started, here are top 7 reasons why Amsterdam is the most charming and endearing city in the Netherlands. 


Amsterdam is often known as the bicycle capital of the world, and indeed the number of bicycles in the city outnumbers people. With a flat landscape, a network of cycling tracks and tonnes of cycle parking spaces, the city has consciously evolved to become a cyclist’s paradise. It is also the only city in the world with a museum you can cycle through – the Rijksmuseum. ‘Cycling through a museum’ is certainly something to add to your list of Amsterdam things to do. 


Amsterdam has over 100 kilometres of beautiful canals that wind around some of the most iconic sights of the city. The canal ring on the river that gave the city its name – the Amstel River – has adorned the city for over four centuries. Today, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list and a cruise through its waters is something to consider while thinking about what to do in Amsterdam. 


The mention of Amsterdam makes you think of beautiful windmills surrounded by idyllic fields of gold. That’s Zaanse Schans, an icon of the city. Take a trip to the historic windmills of Zaanse Schans and drink in the views of the distinctive wooden houses and visit the artisan workshops that make up the quintessentially Dutch town. The smell of freshly baked goods and the sight of spinning windmills offers a truly memorable experience.


If you need just one reason to visit Amsterdam, museums would be it. The city is blessed with a vast variety of museums – from a museum dedicated to the art virtuoso Vincent Van Gogh to one dedicated to tattoos. The city never ceases to surprise. Small wonder that Amsterdam is the city with the most number of museums in the world. You could create a week long itinerary of Amsterdam things to do with just the 144 museums. The absolute must visit museums to add to your list of what to do in Amsterdam include the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rembrandt House. 


Everyone adds a visit to the tulip farms to their list of Amsterdam things to do and with good reason. To visit Keukenhof Gardens is to touch upon Holland’s traditional heart. Nestled in the middle of Holland’s tulip farms, where fields of colourful flowers run as far as the eye can see, the beloved Keukenhof Gardens feature incredible displays that consist of millions of tulips, each assembled by an expert landscape architect. If you’re wondering what to do in Amsterdam, a stroll through a sea of vibrant flowers seems like pretty great idea.


Whether you buy them as souvenirs or actually enjoy wearing them, clogs or klompen are a Dutch heritage. Take the time to visit a clog making workshop and watch artisans handcraft the wooden shoes and then intricately paint them with beautiful designs. You’re sure to fall in love with the art and bring home a pair for yourself. 

Food and Beverages

Is there anyone who doesn’t like a delicious serving of warm Dutch pancakes dribbled generously with maple syrup? We think not. Whether you like the large pannekoeken style pancake topped with fresh fruits, or the small fluffy poffertjes soaked in sugar syrup, Dutch pancakes are always wonderful. The stroopwafel is another delicious snack to add to your list of Amsterdam things to do. Make sure you try them fresh while the caramel centre between the thin waffles is still warm and gooey. 

You should also consider adding the Heineken Experience to your list of what to do in Amsterdam. Learn about the history of the popular beer, its brewing process and innovation with a guided tour at Heineken’s first ever brewery, set inside a historical building. Enjoy a couple of cold beers at the end for a fitting finish.

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