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A Nile River Cruise: The Best Way To Experience Egypt

A Nile River cruise is the experience of a lifetime and one of the most sought-after Egypt holidays. The hours pass like precious stones, unbelievable landscapes, and mythical stories of powerful pharaohs and ancient civilisation. The minutes become images you’ll treasure the rest of your life and the seconds become dreams, finally realised.
Discover the land of the Great Pyramids, the famous limestone Sphinx, bronze and silver works glinting under a shadowy sun. Sprawling antique bazaars overflowing with merchandise handcrafted by local artisans. Where Pharaohs ruled, and the world’s most historically auspicious river gave life and legacy to developing Egyptian culture.
Sometimes the richest, most fascinating stories are the simplest and most enchanting. As you might imagine, the Nile was a source of abundance and life for the people of Ancient Egypt. At 6,650 km long, or more than one and a half times the width of Australia, that’s a lot of life!
Comprised of two main tributaries, the White Nile from equatorial Africa and the Blue Nile from the Abyssinian highlands, the Nile is arguably the most regarded river in the world. Indeed, the country’s ancient regions were named in congruence with the river’s flow; Upper Egypt among the southern banks, and Lower Egypt residing in the north.  
The Nile was critical to the country’s development in myriad ways. Although Egyptian spirituality associates certain Gods with the Nile, such as Hapy, the God of Inundation, the Nile was not prominent in religious discourse of the past. Instead, communities established on the banks of the Nile because of Akhet, the annual flooding in August and September.
Ancient life developed around the river’s annual inundation. Heavy rains soaked the river delta and floodplains, contributing to rich, fertile soil that supported the cultivation of crops. They produced the sustenance local people used to feed, clothe, and trade. Papyrus to make paper, rope, and sandals. Flax to weave linen clothing. Wheat, the staple crop, to make bread and sell to the Middle East for prosperity. The Nile’s cool, fresh waters also provided the principal source of protein: fish. 
The culture’s focus on the Nile contributed to Egypt’s increasing population. Hallmarks of this growth period were political stability, unity, and an effort to expand the fertile land. History incites us to know more, to explore the world that has changed dramatically throughout our existence. It inspires us to travel to the far corners of the earth and every place in between. Even the most descriptive texts of the Nile’s history read through the screen of your laptop computer or mobile, can’t compare with what it’s like to experience it. To sail the Nile’s ancient waters and watch it swallow the evening sun from aboard a deluxe Nile River cruise is not just a holiday; it’s a rejuvenation. 

Are you ready to finally embark on a journey you’ve always imagined but never realised?

Evergreen Cruises & Tours offers two exclusive tours, each featuring a superb 4-night Nile River cruise: our 10-day Cairo & Ancient Egypt River Cruise and our 15-day Cairo to Amman tour. Keep reading to find out what these two incredible experiences reveal.

What Will You Experience On A Nile River Cruise?

You’ll encounter majestic and revered heritage sites, ancient temples, and glimpses of local arts and culture that land traffic simply doesn’t afford. Sailing the Nile River rewards you generously with stylish and comfortable onboard accommodation on MS Hamees and untold adventures across ancient lands. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover on one of Evergreen’s Egypt holidays.
Begin an incredible adventure in Egypt’s sprawling capital city of Cairo, with a stay at the historic Marriott Zamalek, once the Gezirah Palace built for the Khedive Isma'il Pasha in 1869. 
Experience the capital of the Luxor Governorate, the West Bank, and the small town of Dendera. See hieroglyphics etched into the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and on the roof of Hathor’s temple. Visit the monument of Queen Hatshepsut, one of the most important female pharaohs of the Egyptian Dynasty, and the massive stone statues of Colossi Memnon. See Karnak, an open-air complex home to notable decayed temples, chapels, and pylons. Stand amid the towering pillars in Hypostyle Hall. 
Visit Kom Ombo high up on the East Bank, and the Osiris temple complex of Philae. Learn about ancient carving techniques in the stone quarries and dance with locals at a Galabeyya party.
See one of Egypt’s most magnificent monuments in Abu Simbel near the Sudanese border. This is also home to the World Heritage-listed iconic temples and honorary monument of Pharaoh Ramses II and his wife, Nefertari.
Back in Cairo, visit the Egyptian museum home to King Tutankhamun’s tomb, discovered only 100 years ago. Stroll through massive bazaars and the famous Khan-El Khalil Market brimming with gemstones and soap powders. Marvel at the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza. 

Book an incredible 10-day Cairo, Aman & Egypt cruise on the Nile to experience each of these highlights and more.

Sail Your Spirit Down The Nile

You might be wondering, why does an Evergreen Nile River cruise offer a richer experience than self-arranged travel through Egypt
For starters, it’s simple and convenient. A holiday should be relaxing, not a stressful endeavour involving missed trains, terrible tour guides, dodgy hotels or dangerous areas you didn’t know about until you encountered them. But comfortable travel doesn’t mean you have to compromise freedom or adventure either. 
You’ll love having the option to explore local hotspots for the day within a well-organised tour and then reunite with secure and comfortable accommodation for the night. A river cruise takes you to places in Egypt you’d otherwise never know about.


Disembark for the day for an expertly organised tour and experience why Egyptian culture is renowned for its elaborate feasts, entertainment, music, and parties. Like many cultures, eating and drinking are honorary customs for Egyptian hospitality and with Evergreen you’ll be invited to a dinner with a local family in their home. They’re in the spirit of honouring guests and dignitaries with food made foremost for the Gods. A strong sense of honour is reflected in customs and social etiquette and woven into the fabric of Egyptian culture. You’ll feel it everywhere you go.

An Evergreen cruise offers the best way to balance sightseeing and downtime. Enjoy excursions to some of the world’s most ancient iconic monuments and then return to contemporary surroundings at the end of the day. Sip fine wine while you enjoy a Nile sunset breeze and revel in the breezy melodic rhythm of cruise ship travel. Our Discover More options enrich your holiday experience with additional activities that take you even deeper into Egyptian culture. 

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Take your journey even further to Jordan, Petra, and the Dead Sea with our 15-day Cairo to Amman cruise and tour, 16-day Israel & Egypt tour, and 21-day Israel, Egypt & Jordan tour.

Why Cruise The Nile River With Evergreen? 

Established in 1980, we have 39 years of experience in hospitality and tourism. That’s a lot of time to perfect everything we offer our guests. Our Egypt holidays include onboard activities and land excursions, airport transfers, port taxes and charges, gratuities, entertainment, incredible meals, a home-hosted dinner with a local family and other entertaining highlights. 
Our customers have direct experience with our commitment to value, customer service, and professionalism. Every aspect of your journey is arranged and coordinated by expert travel guides, and balanced among exclusive discovery tours, visits to iconic sites, and direct experiences with the culture and local people. You’ll enjoy premium lifestyle inclusions on board, with the freedom to explore, relax, and reflect.
You’ll relish how many extraordinary tucked away treasures exist on a Nile River Cruise. At points you’ll feel your senses heighten, your zest for adventure sharpen, your curiosity ignite. There’s simply no better way to experience Egypt than by cruising its very source of life.
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