Beyond the Rhine Main Danube

Cruising Europe’s waterways on a beautiful ‘Star Ship’ is one of life's great pleasures, however, there's a lot more to Europe than the classicAmsterdam to Budapest voyage. Below are other destinations you should consider for your next European holiday.


A journey to Russia is filled with rich history and vibrant culture coupled with magnificent architecture. Your river cruise starts in the elegant city of St Petersburg and sails to  Moscow over 11 days.  With a maximum of 190 cruise guests, enjoy an intimate environment as you explore the diverse culture of this stunning region including a visit to iconic landmarks like Moscow's Kremlin and Red Square, and the Catherine Palace and Hermitage in St. Petersburg.  The MS Rossia, your floating hotel, is a recntly refurbished Russian-designed ship.  Although she's not quite as stylish as an Emerald 'Star Ship', she provides a very comfortable base for exploring this fascinating country.  

Swiss Alps

Long considered the most beautiful country in the world Switzerland - the Playground of Europe -  has inspired many poets and philosophers with its soaring  peaks, lush valleys and pristine lakes.  In the heart of the Alps rises the towering St. Gothard massif, known as Europe's water tower as it sources three great rivers: the Rhine (flowing toward the North Sea), the Rhone (to the Mediterranean Sea) and the Ticino, the main tributary of the Po (delta at the Adriatic Sea). You'll also experience  the Glacier Express - one of the world's great train journeys - and enjoy a scenic cruise across Lake Lucerne. Spectacular views, timeless cities and iconic mountain ranges are all part of your adventure into the Swiss Alps.

Southern France

With stunning natural surroundings, pleasant weather and delicious cuisine, the South of France is an oil painting brought to life. Stroll through the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere in Lyon, wrap yourself in Celtic history of Avignon or simply try local wines at the many tasting displays in local towns.  Experience breakfast on the beautiful Saone River in Macon and delight in a special Provencal dinner hosted by a local chef.  Southern France has a rich artistic legacy so its no surprise that the region is also home to a wealth of iconic art collections. The way of life is slower in the south and you’ll fall in love with the laid back rhythm during your time there.


Spain boasts a delightful climate with year-round sunshine  which only enhances your holiday experience. Enjoy cultural routes with UNESCO World Heritage designation and some of Europe's finest museums. Between beautiful Barcelona and bustling Madrid, visit Consuegra which is famous for its windmills and home to the Spanish knights. You'll also visit Gibraltar, an important strategic port for the British Navy sitting at the mouth of the Mediterranean, well known for its famous 'Rock' and its diverse bird life. In Madrid, explore the Sabatini Gardens and the downtown Austrian quarter bustling with locals.


As one of the world's top tourist destinations, many visitors are drawn to Tuscany in search of fine art, others to explore the picturesque landscapes. Food and wine buffs  enjoy the simple and world-renowned culinary delights. Hikers and cyclists alike enjoy the mountain paths and rolling hills, and even the locals head to the Amalfi Coast to soak up the sun. With so much to see and do, our escorted tour will show you the best of Tuscany.

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