Budapest, Hungary

Discover the best kept secrets of Eastern Europe

A melting pot of beauty, culture and ideas, Eastern Europe offers experiences as vast and varied as the mind can fathom. For those visitors looking to veer off the beaten track, Eastern Europe has a treasure trove of experiences.
Evergreen’s 9 day Enchantment of Eastern Europe River Cruise from Budapest to Bucharest traces the Danube’s journey to uncover the hidden wonders of this little-known region. It’s the perfect option for second or third time visitors to Europe – or for those looking for something different.
Departing from the glitz and glamour of Germany and Austria, the Danube meanders lazily through the rugged landscapes of Hungary. From its oldest town of Kalocsa to its cosmopolitan capital Budapest, Hungary packs quite a punch. With a wealth of baroque, neoclassical and art nouveau architecture, the country is an art lover’s paradise.
Further down, the Danube sneaks across the border into stunning Croatia, a nation known for its turquoise waters and dreamy islands. But it’s the little-known cities like Osijek where the hidden wonders lie. Osijek was at the heart of the Croatian War of Independence and several of its structures still bear scars from bullets and mortar blasts. However, the warm hospitality of its locals restores the cheer.
As the river flows through the vibrant cities of Serbia, its spellbinding cathedrals, fortresses and incredible ancient Roman ruins will take your breath away. The splendour of the narrow Iron Gates between Serbia and Romania – as well as the massive rock sculpture of Decebalus – have to be seen to be believed.
The next stop is known as the ‘Paris of the East’, the Romanian capital Bucharest which gained the title thanks to its splendid art nouveau architecture and grand buildings.
Explore Eastern Europe with Evergreen on board a luxurious Star-Ship and discover Europe’s best kept secret.
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