Meet Emerald Liberté Godmother Maxine Collins

From Tour Director to Godmother of Emerald Liberté

Meet Maxine Collins.
“I was in Tasmania on tour when I received the call to become the Godmother of Emerald Liberté in France”, Maxine Collins recalls. “My first thoughts were, but I am not a family member or a celebrity, I’m just Maxie – surely you have made a mistake!”

Maxine laughs at the memory now but she has been a stalwart of the company’s evolution, from the early days of the Scenic Group running coach tours around the country, to travelling the world as a guide, to the day she helped pack up the newly purchased Evergreen business in Melbourne and move the company to the Newcastle base. Today she is a Scenic Group ambassador, attending consumer information sessions, and providing a wealth of knowledge to the Scenic and Evergreen teams. 

Asked what her favourite memories of her journey with the company are and she reels off a list of them.

“Of course the day I was asked to be Godmother is a major highlight. I was totally floored. But, what an extraordinary experience. I had spent 27 years or more talking to groups, meeting complete strangers and showcasing destinations around the world but when I realised I had to give a speech at the Christening, I nearly died”. Nevertheless, in true Maxie fashion, not only did she give her speech but she even taught herself French “to get into the part properly”.

Meet Emerald Liberté Godmother Maxine Collins
A born Tour Director, Maxie has the innate ability to identify what people want and to deliver.

“We were in Africa once and a young girl with spina bifida was on tour. She had walking callipers and a fold up wheelchair and I could tell that this trip was a really big deal for her. It was the hardest I have ever worked on tour but the look on her face every day was enough.

“I have been blessed with this job in that I have been able to keep coming back to these incredible destinations each year with a new tour group. But for most
people these trips are one offs and as a Tour Director we need to remember that and make sure that we make the most of every minute for them”.

Asked her favourite destination - “Africa, in a heartbeat! Closely followed by Canada, New Zealand and of course Australia. A little bit of my heart is also
in France, and is one place I would love to go back and do again – on Emerald Liberté of course!”

Travelling the globe and visiting amazing destinations, and you are bound to run into famous people – and Maxie has met her share.

“We were in Africa on a Zambezi cruise and were on our way back to the hotel. As we approached the hotel we noticed a carpet rolled out and an honour guard
– and I was like “Wow, what a welcome”. However, the hotel concierge spotted me as we approached and grabbed me and whispered “Maxie, get your people inside now, Princess Mary is arriving”.

“There have been so many highlights to my role”, concludes Maxie. “This company has taken my life in so many different directions and given me so many
opportunities. I remember standing on the Great Wall of China once and thinking – how the heck did I ever get here.

I have seen enormous growth of the company, from the early coach touring days to now, an incredible global operation with tours and cruises across the world. And best of all I have been honoured with my role as Fairy Godmother – that’s what I call it because sometimes it does seem like a fairy tale”.

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