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Nile cruise with Evergreen - The best way to experience Egypt

Egypt, the glorious golden land of the Pharaohs is, in the words of the Greek historian Herodotus, the “gift of the Nile”. With virtually no rainfall, Egypt’s thriving centuries old civilisation would have ceased to exist in the vast desert landscape, if it wasn’t for the annual inundation of the life giving river. The Nile is rightly considered holy and cruising the Nile River is an experience that cannot be missed.
Imagine relaxing on the sun deck of a stylish cruise ship with a drink in hand, listening to the river lapping against the side of the vessel. The full moon rising above the desert landscape bathes the ancient land in cool moonlight, shooting shimmering silver streaks across the waters, as the soul-stirring evening call to prayer fills the air. Seldom will you find an experience more spellbinding than Evergreen’s Egypt Nile cruise on board the elegant MS Hamees.

Newly refurbished with stylish amenities, the MS Hamees is a comfortable and contemporary vessel that offers unmatched on board service. The ship boasts modern and spacious cabins and a range of facilities including a swimming pool, reading room and a sun deck with space to socialise. Each cabin is elegantly furnished and air-conditioned, with either a twin bed or a queen-sized bed, private bathroom, bath, hairdryer and LCD TV.

Your deluxe cruise experience will be complemented by Evergreen and sister company Emerald Waterways’ first-rate Tour Directors who are carefully selected and groomed to be your personal storyteller, art expert, historian, interpreter and problem solver rolled into one. With a generous sprinkling of awe-inspiring moments, exciting trivia and nuggets of information all through the journey, the expert Tour Directors and local guides will keep things interesting at all times.
Begin your unforgettable Evergreen Nile River cruise from the magnificent former capital of the Pharaohs – Luxor, to Aswan, home of the Nubian people. Relax and enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the Nile from your modern and spacious cabin, delight in a dip in the on board pool, wine and dine at the restaurants and lounge bar, or simply enjoy some quiet time in the reading room.  
Retrace the footsteps of the mighty pharaohs as you tour the temples of Luxor and marvel at the vibrant colours of the hieroglyphics adorning the roof of the Hathor’s Temple in Dendera. Among the infinite gems on your itinerary, you will explore Kom Ombo temple, perched high on the east bank and dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god. In Aswan, you will discover the Osiris temple complex of Philae, then visit the stone quarries to learn about ancient carving techniques and see the enormous unfinished obelisk. 
Your Evergreen Egypt Nile Cruise will be peppered with delightful little additions and on board entertainment. Be captivated by the colours of the whirling dervishes, and mesmerised by the moves of a belly dancer, and enjoy a fun night of music and dancing at a lively Galabeyya party. With the right mix of inclusions, must-see sights and free time, your Nile cruise promises to be an unforgettable affair. 

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