The Ultimate Mekong Trip

The Mekong River and delta is one of the world’s most important agricultural regions. It is the lifeblood of South East Asia, and the people who call the Mekong Delta home have developed ingenious ways to live in harmony with this beautiful landscape.
The perfect way to explore the Mekong River is with Evergreen's sister company Emerald Waterways on board the luxurious new Emerald Harmony. The Star-Ship - our first in Asia - sets new standards in river cruising and is impressive from the moment you step on board. Travelling through its maze of waterways on a Mekong River Cruise, you’ll get a glimpse into the uniqueness of the local lifestyle, the warm community spirit and poignant history. 
Explore the 12th longest river in the world and the largest in South East Asia. The Mekong River rises in southeastern China, flowing from the mountains of Tibet before draining into the South China Sea south of Ho Chi Minh City. It is vital to life and it’s the place where traditional culture and Vietnamese agriculture thrive. We offer four exciting itineraries travelling along this majestic body of water as far north as Siem Reap. 
If you want to know the key highlights of a cruise along the Mekong River, you can start with savouring the cuisine, immersing yourself in the culture and interacting with the welcoming people. Expect to see children riding on the backs of water buffalo, and an array of floating villages and markets, where you can purchase everything from fruit to souvenirs. Pass rice paddies, a key source of subsistence food, filled with workers in conical hats and awe at the various elaborate pagodas and temples.
Most of Evergreen’s Mekong river cruises include a two night stay in Ho Chi Minh City and a three night stay in Siem Reap, allowing you ample time to discover these amazing cities. Ho Chi Minh City is a busy metropolis thriving on progress while still offering strong traditions and living reminders of the Vietnam War. One such reminder is the remarkable Cu Chi tunnels that were built underground to keep whole villages safe. Siem Reap is known as the gateway to the magnificent temples of Angkor. You will never forget the moment you witness a sunrise over the famous ancient temple of Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As part of our 21 day Grand Tour of Cambodia & Vietnam, you have the opportunity to explore Vietnam and Cambodia even further with a two night cruise on board a classic junk in Halong Bay and a three night stay in Hoi An. In Hoi An, a town best explored on foot, discover its shops, markets and historic architecture, and visit Reaching Out, an organisation that teaches jewellery and pottery making to people with disabilities, helping them lead independent and fulfilling lives.

While every city has its highlights and must-see attractions, there are also several hidden gems that need to be discovered. With our customised itineraries, we achieve the right balance ensuring you see all the best things to do on the Mekong. Visit the Chinese Congregational House in Kien An Cung, and afterwards visit the home of Mr. Huynh Thuy Le who inspired Marguerite Duras’ novel, L’amant. 

When touring Hue’s Old City, join the locals on an authentic cyclo (bicycle style rickshaw) ride and visit a family-owned silk producing factory in Hong Ngu. Sail Halong Bay and escape the sounds of traffic and honking horns as you enjoy swimming on quiet beaches and visiting local fishing villages. 

The most relaxing and convenient way to cruise along the Mekong River is on board Emerald Harmony, the most innovative ship on the Mekong River. Enjoy the panoramic views from the sun deck, savour our Asian-inspired dishes featuring the freshest local ingredients or stay active in our well-equipped wellness area. 

There are plenty of opportunities to unwind and enjoy the deluxe amenities on board as you wind your way along the waterways of Vietnam and Cambodia. You will enjoy its vast network of tributaries as part of Evergreen’s 8 day Majestic Mekong River Cruise, 13 day Majestic Mekong Discoverer Cruise, 17 day Treasures & Temples of Vietnam & Cambodia, or 21 day Grand Tour of Vietnam & Cambodia and Majestic Mekong River Cruise.
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