Top 3 Travel Photography Tips

Digital cameras have revolutionised travel photography. Instantly view your pictures, take hundreds of shots rather than a few rolls and share photos with family and friends easily. We’ve hand-picked three of the best tips to consider when snapping on the road.

1. Take spares - just in case!

Sometimes the inevitable happens where your memory card runs out of space or the card just stops working so don’t forget to pack a few spares. Running out of power is also frustrating so pack a spare battery and your power converter.

2. To flash or not to flash

Natural light illuminates your subject for a more “realistic” shot so without enough your picture will lack detail and be dark. If this is the case turn your flash on. Remember it will be very bright and the light won’t reach far so it’s not recommended for landscape shots.

3. Take the moment in - and enjoy!

Professor Hinke in the Journal Psychological Science writes about a “photo-taking impairment effect” which suggests that taking photos may affect one’s memory. True or not, our tip is to take a moment to enjoy your surroundings!

“Photography is a love affair with life.”

Burk Uzzle – Famous American documentary photographer