Wine cruise through France

Wine Cruise through charming France

There is a telling scene in Charles Dickens’ 19th century classic, A Tale of Two Cities. The accidental spilling of a cask of wine into the streets of Paris leads to a frenzied celebration, allowing the impoverished masses to forget everyday drudgery for a while and drink to their health. The scene sums up France’s passionate and age-old relationship with wine.
With its conducive climate and soil, France produces a wonderful array of fine wines with several regional specialities. To celebrate the French passion for wine, Evergreen has released an eight day cruise, ‘The Flavours of Burgundy and Provence with International Wine Experts.’ This special cruise takes you to the heart of France’s renowned wine producing regions and is escorted by top international wine specialists.
Some of the most esteemed names in the world of wine from around the globe will give you the experience of a lifetime cruising the south of France and discovering the wines of the regions through which you pass. 
French wines are undeniably some of the finest in the world, and this cruise gives you a chance to discover what makes them special through enlightening wine tasting programs, leisurely vineyard walks and insightful Q&A sessions, all while taking in the spectacular French vistas.
Enjoy the elegant on board amenities of the stylish Star-Ship, Emerald Liberté as you explore the vineyards of the Burgundy and Provence regions. Discover the quaint town of Arles that has been loved by Romans and artists alike. Then let it all sink in at a delightful Provençale dinner along with fine wines paired by British wine expert, Tim Atkin.
A few hundred years ago, the fortified town of Avignon served as the papal residence. Today, this historic centre will serve as your wine haven. Get to know Avignon through your taste buds as Master of Wine Tim Atkin takes you on an insightful tasting tour of Chateauneufdu-Pape wine cellars whose vineyards were first laid by the ancient Romans.

Amongst the volcanic landscape of Massif Central in Tournon, enjoy a guided walk through the vineyards as Robin Stark, your wine specialist from the United States provides insightful commentary.

And when you return to your ship, Australia’s very own Master of Wine, Andrea Pritzker, will entertain you with a regional wine tasting session on board. 
Explore the historic cobbled streets and secret laneways of Lyon on a walking or bike tour and pop into a bouchon to tuck into some delicious Lyonnaise delicacies. And later, indulge your sweet tooth on board with delicious dessert wines of France with our wine wizards.
Delve into the history of the Burgundy region and delight in its legendary wines at Château Meursault with Canadian wine afficionado, DJ Kearney. With wine cellars dating back to the 12th century and grapes that are handpicked to ensure the finest quality, this is a wine-lover’s paradise.
Secure this opportunity to delight the wine lover in you by booking your spot on this fully hosted 2019 wine cruise.

Meet your host

Rendezvous with Andrea Pritzker MW
Andrea Pritzker, Master of Wine, is Australia’s Burgundy Wine Ambassador, a wine educator, corporate speaker, wine judge, writer and one of the four hosts on Evergreen’s ‘Flavours of Burgundy and Provence with International Wine Experts’ cruise. Despite her busy schedule, we managed to steal her away for quick tête-à-tête about wine, cruising and everything in between. 
Meet your host - Andrea Pritzker MW
What excites you about wine?
Everything! Wine is endlessly exciting because it is always changing and evolving. There is always something new to discover; a new variety, a new region, a new producer or a new way of making wine. Every new vintage reveals another story.
What sets the wines of France apart?
Wine is such an integral part of French culture. It’s not just a beverage, it’s a part of the very fabric of society. The wines of France offer astonishing diversity, quality and enjoyment and each region has its own unique history, grape varieties and styles. For a visitor, enjoying French wine is a quintessential part of immersing yourself in French culture.
Which is the one unusual but amazing French wine and food pairing you’ve tried?
In many regions of France it’s not unusual to pair sweet wines with savoury foods like pâté before a meal, but one of the best food and wine pairings I’ve had is
an entire six course lunch of savoury dishes like duck, expertly paired with sweet wines.
Tell us about the wine tasting tour in Tournon you’ll be conducting as part of this cruise program.
Tournon is one of the most picturesque places on the cruise – just across the river from the hill of Hermitage. I’m excited to showcase the different expressions of
Syrah (otherwise known as Shiraz) that originate here, especially since this region is the birthplace of the Syrah grape. I’m also looking forward to presenting a tasting of sweet wines and showing how versatile they can be.
What makes a wine cruise so different from regular wine tasting tours?
A wine cruise is an amazing way to see a wine region. Being on a cruise ship allows you to get a real sense of the geography and understand the role the river has to play in the climate of that region. Best bit – you don’t have to worry about driving, so you can truly relax and enjoy the wines.