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The Mekong Delta is quintessential South East Asia. The lifeblood of the region, it is a vast network of tributaries overflowing with vibrant life. Here the river is king and its people have developed ingenious ways to live in harmony with this beautiful landscape.

Get to know this area intimately on board one of the newest and most opulent river cruise boats sailing these waters, the Emerald Harmony which launches in August 2019. Journey throughout the maze of waterways where life is simple and traditional, yet fascinating and captivating. Here you will find life that has continued unchanged for decades, dependent on the river but thriving in the lush, fertile environment.

Cruise by floating markets and get to know the Delta inhabitants water-based lives. See children riding on the backs of water buffalo, verdant rice paddies filled with workers in conical hats and a range of water going vessels plying the narrow waterways. Shop for anything from clothes to fruit and souvenirs to spring rolls all from the side of your luxurious river cruise ship.

Pass floating villages where you will be fascinated by the resourcefulness of the people and their unique way of life, visit quaint villages to get a real insight into traditional rural lifestyles which are far removed from our own and learn why this region is called the “rice bowl” of Vietnam. Being one of the most important and successful agricultural regions in the world it holds a myriad of exquisite foods to sample.

On your luxurious cruise, sail to exotic towns such as Hong Ngu on the border of Vietnam and Cambodia where you will visit a local family who specialise in traditional silk production.

Spend time in Phnom Penh, the regal capital of Cambodia. A city of contrasts, it provides opportunities to experience the elaborate Royal Palace complex, while also housing a stark reminder of the tragic recent history under the Khmer Rouge regime at the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng prison. Visit a local monastery and receive a traditional Buddhist blessing or soak up the atmosphere at an ancient temple in Oudong.

This is a region that will allow you to get up close and discover a new and fascinating way of life, to reach remote and little-visited areas, sample exotic cuisine purchased from floating markets and learn of a culture based on intensive agriculture and a warm community spirit.

Welcome to the magnificent Mekong!

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Inclusions & Features

  • Escorted by an English speaking Evergreen Tour/Cruise Director plus services of expert local guides and local hosts
  • Balanced itineraries between must-see sights and free time
  • All intra-tour flights included (as specified in the itinerary)
  • Complimentary 'You're Invited' unique and exclusive local experiences included
  • 'Discover More' sightseeing options to personalise your holiday
  • Baggage handling throughout the tour
  • Deluxe hotels with all service charges, taxes and porterage included
  • Port taxes and charges included
  • All tipping and gratuities included
  • Return airport transfers
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Highlights, Experience & Attractions

At Evergreen Cruises & Tours we pride ourselves on including all the essentials for a seamless cruising and touring experience. This ensures that not only are your deluxe hotels and cruise ship, must-see attractions, local experiences, specialist Tour Directors, most meals and all transport are included but there are no hidden costs such as hotel porterage, taxes, tips and gratuities. From start to finish we carefully plan, arrange and coordinate every aspect of your holiday. Our Mekong itineraries are cleverly designed with the appropriate balance of inclusions, must see sights and free time, all planned to unlock the richness and vibrancy of the mighty Mekong River.

Our inclusions bring to life the South East Asia you’ve always imagined. We know you’ll never forget the moment you first experience the bustling floating markets of Cai Be, the excitement you felt discovering the remarkable Cu Chi Tunnels, or the unforgettable feeling as you approached the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat. Each one is a unique, unsurpassed gem and an included Premium Highlight with Evergreen Cruises & Tours that makes your tour complete.

With the diverse and natural beauty of the land, the warm and welcoming people, the rich history and culture and the delicious cuisine, combined with first class accommodation, coaches, Tour Directors and Coach Drivers, we have hand crafted the perfect holiday that will leave memories lasting a lifetime.

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Discover More

We understand the value of free time to explore on your own, however we also know that most of our guests like to be offered extra sightseeing to personalise their holiday. Enhance your experience with a chance to sample local street eats in Phnom Penh or uncover some of the more mystical temples in Siem Reap. When you pre book one of the following tours you will be assured of the best price and value.

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