An Evergreen exclusive, the ‘You’re Invited’ program offers a unique and exclusive experiences where guests are welcomed into the lives of locals. These programs offer a unique opportunity to immerse in local cultures and have been chosen to provide you with a better understanding of the areas you visit. 

Spend the night in a traditional Japanese ryokan

Tonight, live like a local by staying in a Japanese ryokan sleeping on futons laid out on tatami mats.

Learn the craft of making sarubobo dolls

Visit Hida Folk Village, an open-air museum exhibiting over 30 traditional houses from the mountainous region around Takayama. Join a local expert and learn the craft of making the cute sarubobo dolls, the perfect souvenir to take home.

Tea Ceremony

Experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at a temple. A tea master will demonstrate how to prepare for a tea ceremony, how to conduct as a host and of course how to make a bowl of green tea.

Temple lunch at Tenryuji Temple

Visit the nearby town of Arashiyama which contains the magnificent Tenryuji temple, one of Kyoto’s largest and most impressive temples. Enjoy a unique experience as you are invited to partake in a special temple lunch. Afterwards, explore the temple buildings and wander the beautiful gardens. Take the path through Arashiyama’s famous bamboo groves, and end at the Nonomiya shrine

Ride like a local through Kyoto on a rickshaw

Experience Kyoto like a local. Jump on board your rickshaw and enjoy this fun and traditional mode of transport while your driver pulls you from the bamboo groves to Togetsu Bridge.  

Traditional Japanese dinner with a maiko (apprentice geisha)

Tonight you will have the honour of taking part in a traditional Japanese dinner with a maiko (apprentice geisha). Geisha’s have entertained the elite in Kyoto for centuries. They undergo strict training in the traditional Japanese arts such as music, song and dance to ensure they are the perfect dining hosts. Dinner with a maiko is not only steeped in tradition but is fun and fascinating.