You're Invited, Canada & the USA

Enrich your journey with our unique and exclusive local experiences

An Evergreen exclusive, the ‘You’re Invited’ program offers a unique and exclusive experiences where guests are welcomed into the lives of locals. These programs offer a unique opportunity to immerse in local cultures and have been chosen to provide you with a better understanding of the areas you visit.

Fur Trader Feast - Sun Peaks

In the mountain town of Sun Peaks British Columbia, a local character will take you on a journey into the history of the Voyageurs and Fur Traders that first settled in the region back in the late 1700s. The evening includes a presentation on the history of Fur Trading and an authentic feast.

Dinner and wilderness walk at Maligne Canyon - Jasper

Walk above the Rockies deepest canyon; Maligne Canyon, then dine at Wilderness Kitchen an original Canadian smokehouse located at the canyon trailhead. This is an authentic experience which goes beyond the table and the stories of Maligne come alive with a special horns and antlers presentation.

Breakfast at the Aquarium - Vancouver

Enter the Vancouver Aquarium before it opens and have breakfast with a spectacular variety of marine life from all over the planet. 

Visit Sled dog racing champion - Big Lake Alaska

In 2022, live the Alaskan Iditarod with a visit to four time champion Martin Buser’s home and kennel.  Martin Buser began mushing at age seventeen in Switzerland and is a compelling presence. His presentations are inspiring, motivational, educational and fun. Meet the canine champions of the Martin Buser Idatarod teams and take a virtual trip along the Iditarod Trail.

In 2023, experience the call of the wild during an incredible visit to a renowned Husky Homestead run by Iditarod Champion Jeff King, and his amazingly cuddly pups and learn what goes into creating a winning team. 

Discovery Tour and Dance - Ottawa

Visit a First Nations camp at the Canadian Museum of History, where you will partake in an informative tour of the Native village, then witness a vibrant and interactive performance of traditional styles of Pow Wow dancing.

Cabane a Sucre - Quebec

Enjoy a true French Canadian hospitality at a traditional Sugar Shack in the countryside and its country charm. Learn how to make maple candy and then partake in a delicious French Canadian lunch that showcases traditional fare while enjoying toe tappin’ folk music and perhaps a little jig!


Amish Farm Visit – Lancaster 

Travel through the Lancaster County, home of the religious Amish and Mennonite communities.  Known for simple and traditional culture while avoiding modern conveniences, you will experience the way of the Amish on a tour through a local village. Joined by a local guide, learn about the faith and traditional way of life.