You're Invited, Egypt & Jordan

Unique and exclusive local experiences

An Evergreen exclusive, the ‘You’re Invited’ program offers unique and exclusive experiences where guests are welcomed into the lives of locals. These programs offer a unique opportunity to immerse in local cultures and have been chosen to provide you with a better understanding of the areas you visit.

Home-hosted cooking demonstration and dinner with Egyptian Family

Experience the hospitable atmosphere of a local Cairo home where you will be welcomed for a cooking demonstration and dinner with a local Egyptian family, your hosts for the evening.

Cruise on the sea of Galilee

You will enjoy the gentle rocking of the waves while sprays of water come over the boat and feel refreshing. If you look outside, you might spot seagulls and the vast amounts of St. Peter’s Fish, which is local to the area. Your local guide will point out the many historical and spiritual sights during the cruise. 

Sailing to Dendera and Visit to Hathor Temple

After an early morning sailing up the Nile to Dendera, we will take you to see Hathor Temple. The Temple of Hathor is one of the most well-preserved temples in all of Egypt. There are three temples to view in the complex: the birthing temple at the front, the temple of Isis behind the main temple, and the main temple dedicated to Hathor.

Visit to Ramesses II & Nefertari Temples in Abu Simbel

In the morning, fly to Abu Simbel, and be taken to see the Ramesses II & Nefertari Temples. The Ramesses II temple stand 98 feet (30 metres) high and 115 feet (35 metres) long with four seated colossi flanking the entrance, two to each side, depicting Ramesses II on his throne; each one 65 feet (20 metres) tall.

Boat Tour on the Nile in Aswan

In the afternoon, board a smaller boat with a local guide and fauna expert. Boat will sail from Aswan to close to the Aswan Dam – the guide will stop the boat to point out typical birds, other animals and plants that are native to that part of the Nile river. Of course, also answer any questions you might have.