You're Invited to EmeraldPLUS, Europe

Unique and exclusive local experiences

With Evergreen’s unique You’re Invited program - known as EmeraldPLUS on our Emerald Waterways cruises - enjoy exclusive local cultural experiences where guests are welcomed into the lives of local people. These included programs offer a unique opportunity to immerse in local cultures and have been chosen to provide you with a better understanding of the areas you visit.

Budapest Evening Cruise, Folk Dance & Dinner, Hungary

Enjoy a night-time cruise, passing under the city’s numerous bridges, whilst enjoying folk dancing and music followed by a traditional Hungarian dinner.

Exclusive Dinner and Chopin Recital in Poland

In Warsaw, Poland, attend an exclusive dinner and a private recital of Chopin’s music performed by a celebrated Polish pianist in a private manor house.

Regional wine tasting in Southern France

In Tournon, France, you’ll be treated to a wine tasting on board where you’ll sample the local region’s finest wines. This wine region is world renowned for the wine it produces. Learn all about its characteristics and signature aromas.

Serbian Folklore Show

On board in Belgrade, you’ll be entertained by a Serbian Folklore show. Enjoy the distinctive sounds and characteristics of this traditional music, part of the wider Balkan tradition.

Bavarian Folk Evening, Germany

Kick up your heels up with evening of traditional Bavarian music and dancing while cruising through Southern Germany. Learn popular Oktoberfest songs while enjoying traditional dance, or Schuhplattlers where performers stomp, clap and strike the soles of their shoes, thighs and knees with their hands held flat. A little yodelling will cap off an evening of laughter.

Home-hosted tea in Slovakia

Known for its wine production, you will experience the hospitable atmosphere of a Slovak home in the village Šenkvice in the region of Bratislava. A local family will be your hosts for afternoon tea. Discover through conversations, the importance of family is in the Slovak social structure and how the obligation to the family is each individual’s priority.

Home-hosted lunch in Croatia

The economic and cultural centre of the eastern Croatian region, Osijek, is the location for your home-cooked lunch. Croatian cuisine has been influenced over many generations by the Italians and Hungarians. Visit a local school before meeting a local Croatian family who will welcome you in their home for an opportunity to learn about everyday life.

Lunch in the Black Forest, Germany

Home of the “Cookoo Clock” and the location of many Brothers Grimm fairytales, the Black Forest in Germany gets its slightly sinister darkness from the thickness of the forest. You will be hosted for lunch at a traditional, family-run Gasthof and enjoy a slice of the famous Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, better known as the Black Forest gateau.

Family restaurant in Poland

In the historical city of Krakow, you will experience the hustle and bustle of a family run restaurant. Polish cuisine has today become very eclectic due to Poland’s history and shares many similarities with other Slavic countries. Taste the traditional specialties of a hearty meal amongst family and locals.

French Provençal dinner

Hosted by Fabien Morreale, you will be treated to a special Provençal dinner onboard your river cruise ship. This style of cuisine known also as terroir is simply a term used for farm or country style cuisine. Be comforted by a nourishing meal where freshness and simplicity bring out the true taste of local produce.

Cheese and olive tasting in Southern France

Indulge in a selection of fabulous gourmet cheeses and just picked fresh olives during a tasting extravaganza. Learn through your knowledgeable connoisseur the many varieties and how to pair these with dishes and/or beverages. What better way to spend a lazy afternoon!

Dinner at a wine estate in Portugal

The Douro Region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the landscape is a result of the full range of activities including winemaking and agriculture and feature villages and hilltop chapels. Soak up the beautiful views from a local traditional wine estate and be hosted to a sumptuous meal.

Cocktail lesson on the Douro

While in Portugal sailing on the Douro, your onboard barman will teach you how to make cocktails using port. Typically served neat, Port does have a long history of being a main ingredient in cocktails. As far back as the 17th century, sea captains and the British gentry would combine Port with sugar, water and nutmeg to create sangaree – the forerunner of sangria.

Dinner and Entertainment in Prague

Enjoy a sumptuous dinner followed by an evening of entertainment in a local Czech tavern.

Performance of the Magyar Horsemen in Kalocsa

The traditions of the Magyar horsemen who conquered the Carpathian Basil long ago are just a memory, however their history still lives on in Hungary. Witness the skill of horse and rider during a demonstration outside Kalocsa.The entertainment at the Magyar cowboy horse show starts with a horse parade, followed by all sorts of exercises that were once practiced for wartime, but today are just for show

Choir concert in Arbanasi

Enjoy a concert from a local choir in Arbanasi at a small 14th century church and witness traditional Bulgarian songs and folklore. Lying on a high plateau above the town of Veliko Tarnovo, the village of Arbanassi is known for the rich history and large number of historic monuments.

Cruise through Porto's Enchanting Waters

Enjoy sparkling sunset views of Porto as you cruise along the Douro River. This is the river on which, until the mid-Sixties, square-sailed barcos rabelos – a throwback to ancient Phoenician trading vessels – braved rapids and other hazards to the ferry port from wineries upstream.

Mosaic tile painting lessons on board

Hand painted tiles can be seen right across Portugal adorning homes, businesses and even modes of public transport. Try your hand at creating your own during a lesson onboard the Emerald Radiance as you sail the waterways.

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