You're Invited, South East Asia

Unique and exclusive local experiences

An Evergreen exclusive, the ‘You’re Invited’ program offers a unique and exclusive experiences where guests are welcomed into the lives of locals. These programs offer a unique opportunity to immerse in local cultures and have been chosen to provide you with a better understanding of the areas you visit. 

KOTO restaurant in Hanoi

Enjoy a lunch at KOTO, a unique restaurant that trains disadvantaged street youth and gives them hospitality skills. KOTO stands for “Know one, teach one and promotes that learning and knowledge are meant to be shared. The trainees often start off as unskilled, insecure individuals with low self-esteem. Through the program they become educated, confident and self-sustainable young adults.

Reaching Out, Hoi An

Reaching Out is an organisation which provides opportunities for people with disabilities to learn new skills and gain meaningful employment, helping them to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Visit their workshop and meet local people whose lives have been improved by Reaching Out.

Lion dance performance, Mekong River

Enjoy a traditional Lion dance performance during your Mekong River cruise. 

Cyclo ride through the Dai Noi or ‘Old City’ in Hue

Join locals and immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of the city on an authentic cyclo ride through the Old City. Discover the fascinating history and spectacular beauty of this town through the backstreets towards the Perfume River. Visit Thien Mu Pagoda and the grounds where one of the most seizing images of the Vietnam War was taken, in the city then called Saigon.

Silk factory in Hong Ngu

Visit a unique, family-owned silk producing factory in Hong Ngu — Vietnam. 

Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Hi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, visit the infamous Cu chi Tunnels and its immense network of over 200 kilometres of connecting underground tunnels. Learn of the strategies, atrocities and resourcefulness of the Vietnamese. Your tour guide, a Vietnamese Veteran, will share fascinating stories from first-hand experiences and allow a real insight in the Vietnam War.

Water Blessing, Kampong Tralach

Visit the Ougong Temples and receive a traditional Buddhist Water Blessing from the monastery’s resident monks. Water blessings are a traditional Cambodian practice that date back to ancient times. The monks will chant harmoniously as they wish you good luck, safe travel, and a long life.  

Phare Circus in in Siem Reap

In Siem Reap witness the incredible Phare Circus, a unique circus that involves theatre, story, dance, music and circus arts. These spectacular acrobatics are thematically infused with Cambodian history and culture. Phare provides opportunities to street children, orphans and struggling families by training them in the art of performance and providing them with employment.